No Safety for Cliff Harris

I guess it makes sense, as the Dallas Cowboys great is an Arkansas native: Today Cliff Harris endorsed Mike Huckabee for president. As in, "Many told me I would never play in the NFL, let alone win a Super Bowl ring or two. Similar cynics may say the same thing about my friend, and fellow Ouachita alum Mike Huckabee, becoming President." And by cynics, I assume he means "people who can do the math."

Nonetheless, Huckabee does want you to know one thing before March 4: "As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I am truly proud to have the support of one of the all time greats -- and I remind Texas voters, if you don't vote for me on March 4th, Cliff Harris will show you why his teammates called him Captain Crash." Good one, Mike. Good one. --Robert Wilonsky


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