Norah Jones Catches Arcade Fire

I know, I just posted some Norah Jones the other day, but I just came across something that oughta up her hipster factor (or, um, not) amongst those who think her nothing but the siren of Starbucks. As I am not entirely fluent in Italian -- everything I learned about the language came from Chico Marx -- I can't tell precisely from when and where this cover comes, but here's the Arts Magnet grad performing a very decaffeinated version of the Arcade Fire's "Ocean of Noise," off the band's Neon Bible.

"It's just a song we like, so we're gonna do it," she tells the audience, which claps politely, before she launches into a description of the Canadian band. "They're nice." Aw. Hurry, lest it vanish in the ether. Oh, wait ... And if you absolutely hate this, well, it could be worse -- like Nina Simone doing, oh, Juice Newton, say? --Robert Wilonsky


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