NorthPark Visitors Beware: PETA Protestors Headed in Your Direction

Effin' PETA. We're suckers, really. They always promise naked, but seldom deliver; this is, like, the fourth time we've pimped an appearance by their so-called "sexy activists," and no doubt this time we'll also get reports that it was nothing but a big ol' boring nothin' at all. But we'll give it another shot -- if only because we're always looking for a reason to go to NorthPark Center.

That's where PETA's protesters will be today, this time sticking it to Burberry -- something to do with fur, from the looks of this Web site I can't really deal with this early in the morning. But here's what the PETA press release promises: "Wearing nothing but spatters of fake blood and body paint that mimic Burberry's signature pattern and holding posters that read, 'When Plaid Goes Bad,' sultry PETA beauties will protest outside a Burberry store in Dallas." That's noon today at NorthPark, "outside the main entrance" -- which is? I might just stop by, on my way to Chik-fil-A, perhaps, or The Lodge. --Robert Wilonsky


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