Now, How Much Would You Pay to Eat Lunch With Mayor Tom Leppert?

I only ask because the Dallas Zoological Society, which is now operating the Dallas Zoo, is auctioning off a date with Mayor Tom as part of its Zoo to Do 2009 Gone Wild! fund-raising event, which runs through September 30 -- so act now! Let's see what you get for your money well spent: "For this unique opportunity, lunch will be held in the Mayor's dining room." The item's guesstimated to be worth $1,000, and right now the bidding's half that.

A few of us are currently searching beneath sofa cushions to raise the dough -- turns out, you can bring five friends (and split the cost). But the Friend of Unfair Park who sent the item our way does have a point: Would you rather break bread with the mayor or vomit while riding shotgun in a Russian MiG-21 Trainer as a pilot performs "rolls, loops, wing-overs, high-G turns, rapid vertical climbs and dives" over the city? Thought so.

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