NPR Has the Bump Keys to Your Heart

NPR Has the Bump Keys to Your Heart

Late last week, police arrested three people -- 21-year-old Harry J. Rivera Perez, 40-year-old Hector Osorio and 36-year-old Carla Osorio -- for breaking into apartment complexes in Euless, Plano, Irving and Lewisville. They were stunningly efficient: Police say they hit dozens of apartments between September 10-12 and October 2-3, taking the usual goodies -- laptops, jewelry, cash, electronics, you name it -- worth close to $350,000. Law enforcement officials are now trying to determine whether they were part of a larger burglary ring.

Normally we'd leave this kind of crime talk to KXAS-Channel 5, but this morning on All Things Considered, National Public Radio ran a story about the robberies. Seems NPR took an interest because of how the thieves got into the apartments: They used a readily available, legal-to-buy bump key. Says co-host Melissa Block, by way of introducing Wade Goodwyn's story, "If you haven't heard about it yet, maybe you should." That's so Jane McGarry of her. --Robert Wilonsky

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