"O, Dallas, you shine with an evil light."

"O, Dallas, you shine with an evil light."

Courtesy one of your better MP3 blogs, Songs: Illinois, comes a link to The Quavers' cover of "Dallas" -- which is not the Jimmie Dale Gilmore "Dallas," nor the Steely Dan "Dallas" (worth grabbing, as you're already here), nor the Alan Jackson "Dallas," nor the Jimmy Buffett "Dallas." No, this is the Silver Jews' "Dallas" off the band's 1996 album The Natural Bridge. And, yes, it's about our Dallas, because what line better sums up this city than:

How'd you turn a billion steers into buildings made of mirrors, and why am I drawn to you tonight?

Zacly. And if monochromatic shades of mope isn't your color, then there's always this cover from a mere 200 miles away: "Finally Found a Home" from Austin's Oh No! Oh My!. And, yes, it's the Huey Lewis and the News song. And, yes, it's summertime good. --Robert Wilonsky

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