Obama's Leading in Early Voting

That is, he's leading in the Dallas Independent School District's Mock Election 2008, taking place today all over the district in grades K-12. (The boy said this morning he was going to vote for Boba Fett.) And with a scant 9 percent of the vote in, it's Barack Obama by a blowout: 8,578 (85 percent of the vote) to John McCain's 1,393 votes (14 percent). But it's early yet -- still, funny thing, even DISD students are tired of Ralph Nader, who's losing to Bob Barr by 67-21 votes. Follow along live as results are updated throughout the day ... oh, wait, now 10 percent of the vote's in, and Obama's over the 9,000 vote mark ... --Robert Wilonsky

Update: At 2:33 p.m., with only 13 percent of the vote in, the district has called it: "Projected Winner = Barack Obama with 11,836 (85%) votes."


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