Oh, c'mon

Oh, c'mon: It probably doesn't bode well for a budding politician when the first question a reporter asks about his plans to run for Dallas mayor is: "Dude, seriously?"

To be fair, Buzz had pretty much the same reaction when we heard George W. was running for president, so perhaps we're too suspicious of anyone seeking office and should just take the word of former Dallas Observer music editor and staff writer Zac Crain when he tells us, "Yes, I'm running, and I'm very excited. I'm not high, and it's not a joke."

Of those four statements, the only one we're willing to swallow without lots of salt is "not high," since Crain is now an associate editor at American Way magazine, where he went to work last year after leaving the Observer and probably gets drug-tested. He has an official campaign treasurer, but we're still a little incredulous because he also possesses a wicked sense of humor and an uncanny ability to maintain a straight face while spinning outrageous bullshit. Maybe he's bred to be a politico after all.


Zac Crain

We wanted to ask Crain about his motives, positions, etc., but he told us that he was waiting until April to reveal that stuff. Buzz then threatened to fill this column with jokes at his expense, so he sent us this: "I am thrilled to be considering a run for mayor and will be making an official announcement on April 24. I have given a great deal of thought to my campaign, and I feel we as a city have lost some of our pride and enthusiasm. I have pragmatic, long-term solutions to many of our problems and will work tirelessly and honestly with the communities of this city. We all need to remember that we are Dallas, a good city yearning to be great, a city to love. "

Too bad he didn't come to us while still working here. When Laura Miller announced her first campaign for city council, we ran a headline that read "Mr. Mayor, Meet Your Nightmare." In Crain's case, the headline would have been "Mrs. Mayor, Meet Your Amusingly Insouciant Fancy."

What else can we tell you about Crain? Great writer. Nice guy. Did some of the best coverage of homelessness in Dallas--too bad the homeless don't usually vote. Also did great work on crime in Deep Ellum--too bad the business owners down there do.

On balance, among former Observer staffers, Dallas could do worse for mayor--not that we have anyone particularly in mind when we say that.


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