Oh, We Thought Operation Oasis Involved Some Kind of Wonderwall

From the sheriff to the police commissioner, who really, really likes his gig. But that's not the question. This is quite the star-studded infomercial and fund-raiser for Operation Oasis, the local nonprofit that, among other things, works to integrate ex-offenders back into society. There's Dallas police chief David Kunkle, Safer Dallas Better Dallas's chair and co-founder Charles Terrell and celeb "spiritual coach" John Tolson. Dunno for whom the video was made; you, I guess, as Kunkle warns, "We cannot arrest our way out of the crime problem." Still, if I were Kunkle or his media-savvy missus, I'd charge the director with the crime of putting the TelePrompTer™ a touch too high. --Robert Wilonsky

Message From Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle and Friends from Operation Oasis on Vimeo.


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