Oh, Wheelie?

Oh, Wheelie?

On the drive home from the office Tuesday, 'round 7 p.m., I got struck in a sudden snarl on the Dallas North Tollway between Oak Lawn and Mockingbird. Turned out, the cause of the logjam was a familiar one: a few stunt riderz on motorcycles zigging and zagging through traffic so they could find room enough to pop a wheelie at 65 miles per hour. It's hardly a new phenomenon -- the Internets are filled with videos. But the sightings seem more frequent of late: One minute you're driving to the grocery store; the next, you're a bit player in a Jerry Bruckheimer production. After the jump, one of the more well-produced highlight reels, which was posted earlier this week -- from a memorial ride for a fallen fellow stunt rider.

crash ride self made teaser from james seaborn on Vimeo.

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