On Maddow, DMN's Wayne Slater Talked About "Lunatic Fringe on the Capitol Steps"

In case you missed it, over the weekend the Texas Nationalist Movement -- whose motto is "Independence. In Our Lifetime." -- held a rally in Austin demanding secession now or else goddamnit. And tomorrow is the TNM's "National Day of Action," during which organizers want folks to call Governor Rick Perry's office and "demand that he convene a special session of the Legislature to enforce state sovereignty by nullifying federal legislation which intrudes upon the constitutional rights of Texas and Texans." (Hey, he started it!) Somewhere in between the two throwdowns, Dallas Morning News senior political writer and Bush's Brain author Wayne Slater went on MSNBC to talk to Rachel Maddow about all this whoopin' and hollerin'. That video's after the jump. If you dare.


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