One Less Bridge to Cross

The bridge is gone. Long live the bridge. (We know, you wanna know why the bridge isn't in this picture. Because it's gone. This is what remains. Pieces. Of a bridge that's gone.)

The abandoned railroad bridge at Garland and Gaston roads has eaten its last 18-wheeler. Last night the rusted trestles spanning Garland near the White Rock Spillway were removed and are sitting on the median near the signs that warned the bridge had a clearance of only 12 feet and 10 inches.

DART, which owned the old bridge, agreed to pay $80,000 to a contractor to take down the bridge down ahead of schedule. About time. The day the bridge came down, the old beast took one last victim: The low-slung trestle skinned a semi-trailer owned by MPEI. RIP, Killer. --Glenna Whitley

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