Open-Carry Advocates Are Bringing Their Gunfight to the DFW Airwaves

Tomorrow, don't be surprised if you start hearing radio ads advocating an open-carry policy for handgun owners with the proper permits. The folks behind are attempting to get some spots on the Dallas-Fort Worth airwaves in which they demand the Texas Legislature allow folks to wear their pistols in public. As Mike Stollenwerk, the group's co-founder, told the Star-Telegram yesterday, "We are targeting Texas, [which]  ... is probably the most pro-gun state, but doesn't have open-carry laws."

It's all part of Operation Lone-Star Thunder, which also sounds like the name of a semi-pro football team. Problem is, they're still a few bucks short of the ad buy -- $720, at last check. Then again, shouldn't be much of a problem: More than 32,000 folks have signed Dallasite Ian McCarthy's online petition in the last year. --Robert Wilonsky


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