Pack it, Man

Ironic, after all we expected and all he's been through and all he exhibited during training camp, that Pacman Jones' season is ended by this:

A muffed punt.

Back in Oxnard, Calif., Pacman dazzled us by catching six punts and holding all six balls without dropping a single one. In the end, because he couldn't catch just one, he suffered a neck injury that likely has finished his season (he definitely won't play Sunday against the Giants) and sealed his dramatic return to the NFL into one giant, not-even-close-to-worth-all-the-trouble disappointment.

Pacman, case you didn't hear, had some issues off the field. But on the field his biggest flop was as a crappy kick-returner.

He arrived in Dallas on the heels of three kick-return touchdowns in his last full NFL season with the Titans in '06 and a career punt-return average over 11 yards. But in Dallas he averaged a measly, paltry, harmless 4.6.

Blame Pacman. Blame Jerry Jones. Blame special teams coach Bruce Read.

But also save a little venom for the Steelers' Andre Frazier.

Pacman was likely already injured after he muffed a punt and fell on the ball and a pile amassed on top of him late in last Sunday's first quarter. But Frazier didn't help matters - he deserved a penalty, if not a fine - by yanking and dragging Pacman off the pile by his horse collar, all after the referees had already blown the whistle and signaled Cowboys' ball.

If you believe in karma, I guess one asshole deserves another. - Richie Whitt


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