Don't look back. Please.
Don't look back. Please.

Pacman Reaches a New Level of Pathetic

In news that should shock no one, Pacman Jones is a little punk.


As if we needed a reminder, the former Cowboy showed up on Spike TV's Pros vs. Joes last week and absolutely embarrassed himself.

I know the show encourages players to enhance their personality and engage in trash-talking. But watch the episode and there's no doubt Pacman's antics come a little too naturally.

In short, Pacman is matched up against a nobody receiver named Gideon Akande, a 25-year-old employee benefits supervisor who once upon a time played at Holy Cross.

It's not pretty.

First play Pacman throws a punch at Akande's head, gets beat for a 15-yard completion, misses a tackle and gets a facemask penalty.

He later throws more punches, throws the ball at a Joe and delivers a most confusing line:

"I'm the biggest person in this whole world."


What is crystal clear is that - scripted show or not - Pacman has not matured as a person or improved as a player. And to think, he's still counting on playing in the NFL this season - perhaps even in Dallas.

I've never been more wrong than when I predicted Pacman would be a key contributor on a Super Bowl team.


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