Pacquiao d. Margarito: My Top 10 Observer-ations

Pacquiao d. Margarito: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. First couple of rounds I actually thought Antonio Margarito had a chance against Manny Pacquiao. Margarito charged ahead and threw bigger punches. But the end result of most of the center-ring skirmishes was him running into a swarm of gnats. The cumulative effect proved catastrophic as he spent Saturday night at Methodist Medical Center with a fractured orbital bone.

9. Promoter Bob Arum expected as many as 65,000 but only 43,000 showed. So much for his theory based on the "Mexican walk-up." Didn't see many celebs, either. Bummer.

8. To me, boxing is full of badass mofos. But members of both Pacquiao's and Margarito's posses wore Affliction T-shirts, which, according to you guys, is a sure sign of a douchebaggery. So boxers = douchers? I need some clarification.

7. I'm not down with the 10-point must system, but by my sportswriter math Pacquiao won 11 rounds with one tied.

6. Pacquiao entered the ring to AC/DC's "Thunder." Margarito? Dunno. Sounded like something you'd hear from one of those traveling bands meandering along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. No bueno.

5. Pacquiao will get upwards of $20 million for the fight. And for getting his brains beat in for 12 rounds, Margarito will get around $4 million. Worth it?

4. Buddy of mine went to the fight and said he bought two, double-tall vodka/Red Bulls at the bar where the Cowboys walk to and from the field. Total cost: $54. Fifty-four.

3. I've only been to three fights, but I can't imagine someone being quicker or faster or better than Pacquiao. Every time Margarito landed a punch, he absorbed three.

2. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was at the fight. Pretty good weekend for him. For a change.

1. At 5-foot-6 and 148 pounds, Pacquiao is a small dude. Hell, even I dwarf him. But no way would I ever step in the ring with him.


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