People are Paying Good Money for the Dallas Mavericks' Misery

There's a piece in The New York Times this morning about the National Basketball Association's download service, from which you can buy individual playoff games for three bucks -- or a whole series for $12.99...or the entire playoffs for $79.99. The NBA's going to start hyping the service today, even though it's been available since the beginning of the playoffs.

So, who's the hot team to download? So far, Your Dallas Mavericks -- and not just the "hotly contested series" with the Golden State Warriors (really, which series was The Times watching, anyway?). Turns out the final game of last year's NBA championship series between the Miami Heat and the Mavs is also a download fave. Ah, a 95-92 loss. Seems so...I dunno...competitive in retrospect. --Robert Wilonsky


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