Perfect For Your Blue Thunder Remake

Perfect For Your Blue Thunder Remake

I was going to post about something else presently up for grabs on Lone Star Auctioneers' website ... till I ran into this: The city of Dallas is auctioning off a Bell Helicopter Model 407, with the current bid sitting at $987,500. Sounds nice: "The engine is a Rolls Royce model 250-C47B, total engine time to date is 1928 flight hours." I see KRLD noted last week it would make the perfect Father's Day item --- for Mark Cuban, I guess. Alas, tricked-out though it may be right now, Dallas Police will strip a few of the add-ons before letting it go, including the Spectrolab SX16 Nightsun and the Avalex Mapping System. And the buyer will be required to white-out "Dallas Police." Still, I now know what I'm watching tonight.

Update: I've since been told this is the biggest chopper in the DPD's small fleet of helicopters -- the only one actually capable of delivering officers to a crime scene.

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