Pete Sessions
Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions to Fly His Dirigible to Richardson Tomorrow Night for Town Hall Meeting

Few days back, Politico ran a piece about how politicians' town hall meetings have gotten a little out of control. Such phrases as "house of horrors," "angry, sign-carrying mobs," "disruptive behavior," "pointless" and "boiling anger and rising incivility" crop up throughout, often in reference to House Democrats' meet-and-greets where they've been greeted by folks unhappy with, oh, health care reform or cash-for-clunker payouts and so forth. One Republican who's particularly giddy about the shouting at Dem town hall meetings is the Fightin' 32nd's Pete Sessions, who says:

"The days of you having a town hall meeting where maybe 15 or 20 of your friends show up -- they're over. You've now got real people who are showing up -- and that's going to be a factor."

Asked later how or whether the GOP would use the confrontations against Democrats, Sessions responded: "Wait till next year."

Reason I bring this up is a few minutes ago I got an e-mail concerning Sessions's town hall meeting night at the Richardson Civic Center, scheduled to run from 7 to 8:30. Alas, it didn't come from the GOP, but the North Dallas Texas Democratic Women, who want to "let Pete Sessions know he has Democrats in his district!" I may go, matter of fact, just so he can sign my copy of Led Zeppelin 4.


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