Fedora-clad bank robbery: It's a thing.
Fedora-clad bank robbery: It's a thing.

Police Say a Man with a Mohawk, a Fedora and Two Guns Just Robbed a Mutual of Omaha

The FBI and Friends are at a Mutual of Omaha bank branch this afternoon, after an armed gunman made off with a plastic bag full of loot. The industrious folks at DFW Police Scanner report:

An unknown suspect just robbed the Mutual of Omaha Bank at gunpoint. Susp is a black male about 5'8" mid 40's to 50's wearing a tan shirt, brown fedora, Khaki pants, and sunglasses, susp fled eastbound on foot toward Belt line past the Judy's Burgers and Shake carrying a black plastic bag. Elements code 6 advising susp is armed with two handguns and has a mohawk haircut and goatee, Air-1 and K-9 code 6, FBI en route.

So, you know, if you see a guy with a mohawk and some guns, just err on the side of caution, we suppose. Same goes for that handcuffed man who may or may not have a hatchet, who, by the way, police told us yesterday is still at large.

What's really the greater crime, though: robbing a bank or thinking you can pull off a mohawk in your "mid '40s to early '50s?" Come on, dude.


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