Pop Goes Rudy

Pop Goes Rudy

You recall much-lauded sommelier Rudy Mikula, right? He was, after all, the only tolerable thing about Nove Italiano lodged in the Victory Park machinery before he was poached by Tristan Simon to do wine duty at Hibiscus, only to disappear in the wake of a rumored dispute over wine inventory. Well, he has resurfaced.

Mikula has popped up at Paul Pinnell’s Dali Wine Bar & Cellar in One Arts Plaza, where he will be wine and beverage director. Mikula will take charge of Dali’s upcoming web and retail sales gambit; one that will enable vino-geeks to purchase Dali’s niche and hard-to-find wines largely unavailable through conventional retail channels. While Dali is slated to open January 15th, online wine sales will begin sometime in December to tap into holiday cash flow gush. --Mark Stuertz

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