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Pretty Vacant

Give Jim Foster a chance: You need to leave the guy alone ("In and Out," by Jim Schutze, August 9). If you were actually trying to inform citizens of what the judge was doing to help Dallas County citizens, he would talk to you. But you guys and The Dallas Morning News have had it in for this guy. He didn't seek the office. He waited until the last minute of the filing deadline to run, hoping that someone like a Dale Tillery or David Cain would file. He campaigned all year long just like the other candidates on the ticket.

He's actually had some accomplishments in office, such as getting Dallas and the suburban counties together to talk about air quality and Parkland hospital. He's trying to open up the court so citizens know what's going on in the county. He's trying to work with the commissioners and the sheriff to fix the jail system.


Judge Jim Foster

A. Smith

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When Crime Pays

More DNA testing: I fully support District Attorney Craig Watkins allowing DNA testing of certain Dallas County felons ("Chains of Evidence," by Glenna Whitley, August 2). Not only will it confirm faith in the system, but it will lead to lowering the crime rate.

When an innocent person is convicted of a crime, the person who actually committed the crime avoids prosecution and is free to commit other crimes. Also, railroading the wrong people into convictions does not bring justice to the victims.

It would be good if more politicians and officials were interested in smart solutions to our problems with criminals instead of just being "tough on crime."

Mark Cargill


Guilty until further notice: Thank you, Glenna Whitley, for bringing to light the problems so many don't know exist. Unfortunately, I know all too well how our justice system is here in Texas. Our son is 19 and has been in the Dallas County jail for 18 months. We were like so many others thinking everything would be OK since he was innocent. He was supposedly picked out of a photo lineup. Long story short, we have exhausted all that we know to do, and when he goes to court he's pleading guilty in the hopes of a shorter sentence. Also, we can't afford a trial attorney. People think because you can't fight and defend yourself that you must be guilty, and this isn't always true. My family is so stunned with all that we have seen and heard. Thanks for continuing to keep us all informed.

Lindee Arnold


Ole's Boo-boo

See no evil: I will be interested to see if The Dallas Morning News does anything about this story ("Ole Oops," by Glenna Whitley, August 9), or if they will continue to be punked by the Dallas Observer. Ever since my wife's book about our experiences at the Trinity Foundation, I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, came out, the silence from the Boys of Belo has been deafening. I guess I can see that they might not have considered Wendy's book to be news (though it dovetails nicely with their interest in not looking too bad for their complicity in making Ole a celebrity), but here we have a situation where a prominent television preacher is suing a nationally known reporter and ABC along with Ole Anthony and the Trinity Foundation. If that's not news, I don't know what is.

Anyway, kudos to Glenna Whitley for her excellent work on this story.

Doug Duncan


That's not my Denton: There's the people that stir up shit for attention (or for spite when they don't get enough of it), and then there's plenty more that work away at the day job, establish some sort of home base, and make some damn good and honest music worthy of attention (mostly) without the need to spew venom, send out a million "vote for me!" messages or start some ridiculous drama ("Ay, Anonymous," by Jonanna Widner, August 9).

I'm sure there are folks like that in Dallas, and I know there are in Denton. Take the trip up sometime. Come hang out with us, and we'll give you a beer and introduce you to some great people...or hang out on the patio of Dan's at midnight on a random weeknight and jump into a conversation.

Just PLEASE don't think that one group of kids that may or may not just be trying to promote some "festival" or random venom-spitters from who knows where are representative of what's happening in Denton these days.



Cheap-shot artists: Why is anyone still surprised when denizens of message boards act like douchebags? They're anonymous, and they have an audience. That brings out the worst in a lot of people.



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