Prison Sentences for Illegal Immigration a Bad Idea?

Dear Mexican: With the current state and federal prison system spitting out even harder criminals due to overcrowding and gang activity allowed to a certain degree by the "system," and considering the small percentage of inmates who actually make it out and live positive lives ... why are some legislators, government officials and American citizens going on public record stating that illegal immigration can be fixed by merely charging illegals money for first-time offenses and prison time for repeat offenders? Our prison system, I think, would create more criminally minded individuals. I don't know if there will ever be a law passed that would provide such punishment to those crossing the border, but with this growing Middle East war using up a very high percentage of the United States' resources that could be used for domestic issues and purpose, I feel that if the citizens of the United States ever vote in the "wrong" presidential candidate, our new president will be pressured to pass a law to something of that effect. Worried for Wabs

Dear Gabacho: You're saying that it's wrong for politicians to enact draconian laws that imprison undocumented folks, and that we should elect a president who wouldn't support such measures. Problem is, American voters went for the "right" presidential choice with Barack Obama these past two elections, and look at the results: More deportations have occurred under his administration (about 400,000 people a year) than there ever were in the era of Dubya.

Do Mexicans use cream of mushroom soup or is that a gringo/Campbell's ploy to get white people to eat Mexican food? In the late 1960s and early '70s, being from the casserole generation, cream of mushroom soup was a staple of all casseroles and my mom did not have the love for true green chile. The family chicken enchilada recipe called for cream of mushroom soup and Velveeta cheese. I loved it growing up, but now that I am older the enchiladas taste like shit, so I am working on a new family recipe. This has me wondering if cream of mushroom soup is used at all by those of Hispanic descent. One Royal Vomit


Ask a Mexican

Dear Gabacho: Don't forget that a lot of Mexicans came of age in the same era as you, so while cream of mushroom isn't exactly a Mexican pantry staple, it's not unheard of. Mexican food is chameleon-like and adapts to what's available, ensuring its brilliance.


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