Pugs & Kelly: Taking the Merry Out of Christmas

Question: Can you get divorced if you're not married?

Answer: Yes, according to Pugs & Kelly. Yes you can.

Unless there's a last-minute reconciliation ongoing as we speak, Pugs will go on the air today at 1 on 1360 AM without long-time sidekick Kelly. Why?

Because, in short, they had a big fight last week. About what? I shit you not: Whether Tiger looks black or Asian.

Sounds like a radio bit. But it isn't.

Lookie here (Fast-forward to the 36-minute mark for the genesis of the argument.) I hear that at one point during a break in the show Kelly yelled at Pugs, "Why are you being an asshole?!" To which Pugs responded by storming off, dragging a cord and knocking over a drink.

The split is so serious that, as of now, Pugs will solo host the show Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Kelly Tuesday-Thursday, then reverse the roles the following week.

"It'll be like one of those sitcoms," says 1360 afternoon host Richard Hunter. "The roommates split the apartment right down the middle after they fight."

Geez. Excuse me while I go hug my partner Newy Scruggs.


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