Put On Your Fancy Shoes

Is you fancy? If so, Elle brings word of precisely how Neiman Marcus is celebrating its centennial, beginning today:

When Neiman Marcus set up shop in downtown Dallas in 1907, they got women hooked on a new luxury shopping experience -- and now, the venerable retailer is rewarding their customers' loyalty with a slew of exclusive items as part of their ongoing 100-year anniversary celebration. Starting this week, Neiman Marcus stores across the country will offer merchandise designed especially for their centennial (and available only at their stores) by Herm├Ęs, Marni, Giorgio Armani, Marchesa, Nina Ricci, Prada, and dozens of others.

The items will bear an anniversary logo denoting their exclusive provenance -- Prada's pumps, for instance, have an embossed heel plate that reads "Prada for Neiman Marcus, 1907-2007" -- and have a silver butterfly tag to distinguish them from the store's other merchandise. Forget dinner for two -- this is the kind of anniversary celebration we could get used to.

Because who needs to eat? Clearly not the readers of Elle . --Robert Wilonsky

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