Q and Dr. Bob: Two Great Men Give Allison V. Smith Some Love

Allison V. Smith
Q and Dr. Bob: Two Great Men Give Allison V. Smith Some Love

If you haven't visited the Barry Whistler Gallery to take in our pal Allison V. Smith's Hall Pass exhibition, well, you really don't have an excuse. Because, look, if Quincy Jones could find the time to stop by today, in advance of our chitchat tonight at SMU, well, so can you. Course, it helps that Quincy's known Allison since she was but a wee lass -- since she was "in diapers," he kept insisting last night, though not quite that long. Still, no excuse; you've got till October 18.

Incidentally, if you've lived in this town your whole life, like some of us fortunate sons and daughters, you'll also recognize the man in the photo with Quincy: Dr. Robert Kramer -- or, dig, "Doctor Bob." He was my pediatrician and, chances are, yours too, though I didn't know till yesterday that Doctor Bob's on the board of the Quincy Jones Foundation, which sends money and assistance to children in impoverished nations, and he's among Q's many, many dear friends. I begged Allison for this photo for Unfair Park, incidentally. I wish we could run it billboard-sized. --Robert Wilonsky

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