Rangers 10, Yankees 9. Frank(ie)ly, That Was Too Close For Comfort.

Random thoughts after a roller-coaster, thrilling, frustrating, sweat-stained best game of the Rangers' season:

*From 0-4 to 2-4 to 7-4 to 7-5 to 10-5 to 10-9, seriously, what a damn entertaining baseball game.

*Elvis Andrus turns 21 today. His baseball IQ turns 219.

*I watched the game at a bar, so maybe it was just me. But that game wasn't in HD wasn't it?

*Something's not right with Kevin Millwood. Of course without him allowing a 4-spot in the 1st the Rangers wouldn't have been able to produce their biggest comeback win of the season.

*Thing I most like about Michael Young isn't his scorching hot bat. It's his "it's just another victory" approach. As a long-suffering Rangers' fan I'm guilty of knee-jerking wildy after each game. But with Young in the clubhouse, Texas' younger players have a veteran voice keeping them level-headed.

*Welcome back, Chris Davis. Two hits. No strikeouts. Two doubles stolen with his glove. Bee-yoo-tee-full.

*Pudge over potential? A hit. A walk. A stolen base. Two runs. Another win.

*My threat level was raised to red when Frankie Francisco coughed up 10-5 into 10-9 and the Yankees with two and still nobody out. With a big, bone-headed assist from Nick Swisher in the form of a popped-up bunt, Frankie survived. And, yeah, I still think he should be the closer. But you've got to at least start considering Neftali Feliz, right?

*NEF-tuh-lee Feliz, it is. Guess it's time to learn his name.

*For the season Neftali has pitching 16.1 innings. He's allowed five hits, one walk and 21 strikeouts. Seriously, I don't know if he could put up those kinds of numbers against high-school hitters.

*As for Feliz' first time in Yankee Stadium: Ho-hum. Another two scoreless innings, allowing one hit and striking out two more. The dude's ERA is 0.55. Last night he punched out A-Rod with 100mph gas and Jorge Posada with a 99mph fastball that burned the black. Only bad news is that after his two-inning stint he might be unavailable the rest of the series.

*I don't trust Jason Grilli. You?


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