Report from Reuters: Just Maybe, the Texas Rangers Will Be Sold By the End of the Year

I see the Texas Rangers can't afford to refund True Believers' playoff-ticket money till November at best -- klassy! But good news, Rangers fans: Reuters reports today that the three parties interested in taking the team off Tom Hicks's debt-heavy hands are due to meet with management as soon as next week in the hopes of getting a new owner installed sooner than later. As in:

The goal is to have a winner identified by late November and a sale completed by year end, said the sources, who asked not to be identified discussing the ongoing process. The Rangers are expected to attract bids of $500 million to $550 million, analysts have said.

For those needing a recap, these are the three parties interested in buying the club. Reuters says there's a fourth suitor that's been added to the mix, but it's nothing serious. Hey, c'mon. I've got 20 bucks. Ah, yes.


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