Reunion Tower's Observation Deck Reopens Tomorrow

Reunion Tower's Observation Deck Reopens Tomorrow
Reunion Tower

Say what you will about the name, with its puzzlingly random capitalization and apparent allusion to mathematical theory. The GeO-Deck, as Reunion Tower's observation deck is now called, is a rite of passage for anyone who spends any serious amount of time in Dallas -- at least it was until six years ago, when it shut down for renovations.

The redo, stalled by the economic downturn, is finally complete. GeO-Deck reopens to the public tomorrow, offering views of downtown typically reserved for corner-office executives and drones.

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The trip isn't exactly cheap. It costs $16 dollars for adults, half that much for kids. But can you really put a price tag on pretending to crush unsuspecting pedestrians between your fingers like tiny scurrying insects?

Probably, and it would probably be considerably less than what they're charging. Still, it's a helluva view.

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