R.I.P., Club Clearview

Over at Dd, our boy Sam Machkovech has gotten a scoop on a story (and don't even think about not crediting that guy or he'll totally kick your ass) that will surely shake the core of a Deep Ellum that has been slowly but surely climbing out of a slump. Club Clearview is done. Kaput. Over. It doesn't come as a surprise, frankly -- stories of Clearview's impending demise have been circulating for weeks, if not months. It was exactly one year ago that co-owner Doug Simmons said of the place: "At Clearview, we're just beating our heads against the wall." The owners had been trying to sell off Clearview and its adjoining rooms one at a time.

For us, it doesn't so much shake the core of our social or music plans, because, honestly, we haven't been loyal patrons to that venue in a long while -- since around the time crowd-pleasing manager Greg Watson left. What the closing does do is sort of jar our memory of young Martin Blank's was when he discovered his childhood home was turned into a Ultimart. K, maybe it's not that traumatic, but like Trees, Clearview was a stalwart destination for us early twenty-somethings many years ago. Not to mention, it had one kick-ass neon sign. --Merritt Martin

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