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"Checkout Time," by Sam Merten, September 25

Room Service

I'm all for this. I just moved downtown and see little life, but a brother who lives in Houston has seen Houston jump to life since the convention center hotel was built. Dallas is following the same plan with a larger convention center. I doubt the doubters and the inflated numbers that all those who are against something use to get their point. Though I do not agree on the Trinity Project, I back this 100 percent.


Convention center

C West, via

Regarding Houston's downtown renaissance, I would think that maybe the 120-some-odd major league sports games plus all the other events at the Toyota Center and Minute Maid Park might have had an influence on any downtown growth. Both facilities are George Brown-adjacent, unlike Dallas' significant separation between the convention center and the American Airlines Center area.

Ryan P., via

Aren't you all just a bit nauseated at the thought of the elected officials pushing the citizens even further into debt to achieve some rich guy's "vision"—this time for the convention center?

Which way to the vomitorium?

Catbird, via

"The Buck Stops There," by Jim Schutze, September 25

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Why are we not considering laying off administrators both on Ross Avenue and in the schools? If we needed additional teachers to reduce class size and improve student scores, then why not remove some of these unnecessary managers who do nothing? And in the case of administrators who do something, well, someone else will have to do what you do, which is what we expect teachers to do all the time when we eliminate teachers' aides, secretaries, janitors and other support staff, making their job responsibilities now the teachers' responsibility. In fact, the upper management positions are where the majority of money is spent per position, and fewer people would be hurt by the layoffs.

Barbara Ann Roy, via

I feel like going down there to scream at the board meeting. I am not a Black Panther, either. I am almost a Gray Panther, but cats never let go. Our schools will survive, but this board and Hinojosa are going down. Mark my words; I've been a DISD supporter for a very long time.

JKR, via

"Cheap Bastard," by Alice Laussade

Sweet on the Tea

This [Blackjack Pizza] has been my "best-kept secret" eatery for years! But you fell short when it came to completing your meal. You missed the best sweet tea in Texas! (Be careful, it's addictive!) Next time you grab your burger, grab a bottle of tea. You will not be sorry!

Jenn, via

Playlist, by Jesse Hughey, September 25

Yeah, but It Was Tons to Read

What a poor review. I get the impression Mr. Hughey didn't really listen to the album [The Sound of Dead Horses Beaten Against Cold Shoulders, by Clint Niosi] but just read the song titles. And even that went over his head. The only thing he got right was the comment about "We'll Meet Again," the best song on the album (and the best song I've heard in years from ANYONE). Clint and this album deserve better. Go back to listening to your Pat Green albums, Mr. Hughey.

Kavin, via

"Sex Crime," by Robert Wilonsky, September 25

F-bombed out

Wow, Rob, nice use of the F-word, and by F-word I mean fuck. Perhaps a bit overused in the review [of Choke]. I mean, pull out your pee-pee to drive home a point, but you do it every 15 seconds or so and you become that head-case guy with boundary issues. Keep the fuckin' faith!

Holden, via


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