Root, Root, Root For the Home Team ... Only, Like, Which One?

Fred -- the guy who owns the World's Best Burger joint, located at the corner of Highway 11 and 36 in downtown Burlington, Wisconsin -- doesn't know for whom to root Thursday night. Like, should it be Green Bay Packers' QB Brett Favre? Or Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, the hometown kid Fred's known since Tony was a wee lad? S'gonna be both, looks like. Kind of.

"Probably the best scenario that could happen is if Tony throws for five touchdowns and loses to the Packers by a point. I think that would be the best scenario for everyone in Burlington," said Fred Mabson, the Fred of Fred's Parkview who has known Romo since the quarterback was 8 or 9. "It's hard not to have strong feelings on either side."

KTCK-AM's mid-day host Bob Sturm, who hosts the station's Cowboys pre-game show that's long enough to consider a lifestyle, is having a similar problem. His kid's named Brett, by the way -- "partly for Hull, but more for Favre." --Robert Wilonsky


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