Saints 31, Colts 17: My Top 20 Super Bowl XLIV Observations

Saints 31, Colts 17: My Top 20 Super Bowl XLIV Observations

20. Some of us picked Saints 33, Colts 31, so we're not terribly surprised.

19. Of all the things on my to-do list today, calling Barney Stinson - whoever the hell he is - isn't one of them.

18. Entertaining, electric game. Two things that jumped out at me in regard to your Dallas Cowboys: The Saints have receivers who attack the ball when they catch it. The Colts' Joseph Addai runs harder, and better, than Dallas' three-headed monster.

17. Saints' tight end Jeremy Shockey may look like Cowboys' linebacker Bobby Carpenter, but he doesn't play like him.

16. Carrie Underwood = Hot. Rhianna = Trying to be the world's best ventriloquist singer? I mean, she barely, barely parts her lips. Looks good. Sounds more lazy than sultry.

15. Don't mean to be too poop-on-the-parade here, but the whole "we did it for Katrina victims!" angle loses steam when you watch the post-game party scenes from Bourbon Street. Oh, you see the joy and exhaltation, all right. But most of the faces are white. Where is the ecstacy and payoff and retribution for those Katrina victims whom CNN's Wolf Blitzer so eloquently described as "so poor ... and so black"?

14. The Saints win = Who Dat? Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp in legal trouble = Oh Dem Again?

13. Dallas kinda sorta got a ring out of the deal, as Saints punter Thomas Morstead went to college at none other than SMU.

12. This has nothing to do with nothing, but at the Super Bowl party I attended a buddy pointed out that it's weird we name hurricanes but not earthquakes.

11. Do a lot of people actually use the SAP function of their TV?

10. I'm not real good at math, but after the Colts jumped to a 10-0 lead the Saints outscored them, 31-7. Nothing flukey about that kind of dominance.

9. Very disappointed with's commercial offering. And Doritos? Okay, we get it. You think attacks on the adult male - whether it's a dog and a bark collar or a mom-protecting son - are funny. Meh.

8. Priceless post-game moment between Drew Brees and his son, Baylen. (Yes, Baylen. What Dat?) But with the kid wearing giant headphone/earplugs, how could he hear a word Dad was saying?

7. Transcendant play by Saints cornerback Tracy Porter. Steps in front of Reggie Wayne on a slant, picks off Peyton Manning and sprints 74 yards for the game-clinching touchdown. But was I the only one nervous when at about the 30-yard-line Porter started pointing and strutting and carelessly holding the ball in one hand?

6. I'm okay with The Who's Roger Daltrey wearing a scarf in muggy Miami and sounding 104 years old, but I'll betcha $1 that over-animated guitarist Pete Townshend isn't even touching the strings during his wild arm-swinging move.

5. Seriously, does Shannon Sharpe speak English? During CBS' broadcast he said "he done went out the game" and "a great ball throw". Embarrassing for him. Insulting to us.

4. I'm assuming Bud Light pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to its army of marketing geniuses. And what did those folks come up with for Super Bowl XLIV? "Here We Go." Really?! That's it? They could've paid me a couple hundred and I'd have given them "Drink." Just as good, right?

3. Favorite - and to be honest, the only laugh-out-loud - commercial was Megan Fox mass-texting a pic of her in the bathtub that led a friend to be so distracted that he let a dude up on a ladder totally fall without as much as noticing or even lifting a finger to stop him. Brilliant. Ad was for a new phone or something. I think.

2. Going for it on fourth-and-goal late in the first half and starting the second half with an onsides kick. That, my friends, is how a head coach can impact a game. God I hope Wade Phillips was taking notes. That said, the Colts weren't really fooled were they? Indy's Hank Baskett got both hands on the ball but couldn't hold on. Still, it was a momentum-turning, message-sending gamble well worth the risk.

1. Okay North Texas and Super Bowl XLV, you're on the clock. Super Bowl week in the Metroplex kicks off in exactly 357 days ...


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