Say RIP to Vine With the 10 Best Dallas-Centric Loops of All Time

The 'Hi, Welcome To Chili's' underwear meme makes our list of best Dallas-centric Vine loops.
The 'Hi, Welcome To Chili's' underwear meme makes our list of best Dallas-centric Vine loops.
YouTube user Puppet Boy

Vine's incessantly looping time on our gadgets is coming to an end.

Twitter announced on Thursday that it would shut down its ancillary video attachment in the coming months. Word is that the platform can't generate enough revenue to stay afloat in the long term, competing with the likes of Facebook, which owns Instagram, and the doom-bringer that is Snapchat.

The funereal news gives us the opportunity for a celebration of life, of sorts. So without further adieu, and in no specific order, we've put together 10 of the best Dallas-centric Vine loops in the platform's short run.

1. Dallas' Nick Jonas knows his vowels. (6.2 million loops)

2. Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez reads a mean tweet. (5.7 million loops)

Celebrities read their own mean tweets on talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live for two reasons: to bring to light social media trolling-turned-hate-speech, and to show they have a sense of humor about themselves. But in the two Selena Gomez loops above and below, which also serve the third purpose of reminding fans just how much she's grown up in the past two years, it doesn't appear she's quite got Purpose No. 2 down. Look at the dead-eyed, seething hate.

3. An even younger Selena Gomez reads a slightly more clever mean tweet (6.2 million loops)

Let the hate flow through you, young Padawan.

4. Let the weird wash over you in this Chili's-themed loop (23.4 million loops)

Chili's is the Dallas-based chain restaurant that should have ended all sit-down chain restaurants, but alas. Vine user Irham is one of many who co-opted Viner Adam Perkins' 'Hi, Welcome to Chili's' underwear meme moment into millions of loops on Vine. Ah, internet culture. This type of Vine content points to why the platform is going away, really. Its technology has been eaten and co-opted by Twitter's native app, Instagram and Snapchat, and there is simply no more room at the table.

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