Says One Advance Review, New Candy Barr Bio Not Terribly Tasty

In 1972, Candy Barr wrote her own biography.

Forthcoming on July 25 is Ted Schwarz's book Candy Barr: The Small-Town Texas Runaway Who Became a Darling of the Mob and the Queen of Las Vegas Burlesque, which may be the longest title this side of Fiona Apple's second album. Kirkus Reviews, in a subscription-only early review, isn't impressed with the telling of Edna-born Juanita Slusher's tale, which, of course, included an infamous stint as the featured attraction at Abe Weinstein's Colony Club on Commerce Street. Notes the magazine:

The endless litany of kidnappings, murder attempts, conspiracies, drug arrests, prison and rape after rape is hard to stomach and, after a while, hard to completely believe. Readers may raise eyebrows over the author's unquestioning acceptance of Barr's muddled, often half-remembered saga; they surely will wonder about his characterization of her as a brilliant artist.

Still, it'll probably sell well locally -- because, well, have you seen the cover, which uses perhaps the most iconic photo of Barr ever snapped? No? It's after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Says One Advance Review, New Candy Barr Bio Not Terribly Tasty

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