Says Tom Hicks, Selling Majority Stake in the Texas Rangers Will Be "Difficult Issue for Us"

Rick Ericson at The LeMaster Group forwards along the latest in a short line of Official Tom Hicks Media Releases -- though, as you're no doubt aware, this is by far the most interesting one yet. Because as the owner of the Texas Rangers told Randy Galloway yesterday, yup, he's willing to sell his majority stake in Your Texas Rangers should the right buyer come down the pike. (And, for starters, David McDavid tells Richie today that he thinks he might be just the feller -- right, Widetrack?) In this release, Hicks acknowledges that he's hired Joe Ravitch to "identify potential investors" in the club. He also says this is real, real hard for him and his family, and there's no reason to believe otherwise.
Tom Hicks on Selling the Texas Rangers


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