Scenes From the Bush Book Signing

Scenes From the Bush Book Signing
Photos by Danny Fulgencio

Our Danny Fulgencio accompanied me to Borders this morning; he got there early and stayed late, documenting the scene as some 2,400 folks -- well, that's what Dubya told Rush afterward -- waited to meet and greet the X-President, who, by my stopwatch, could sign 17-20 copies of Decision Points in a minute. (Bush took no questions, and media had all but 10 minutes to observe the signing from a 20-foot distance.) A slide show is forthcomingright here.

But this photo in particular, taken at the Preston and Royal intersection, sums up the back-and-forth below. I saw these folks at 8:30. I was heading back to my car, parked across the street. A well-groomed man, who looked to be in his 20s, drove by in his shiny black SUV. He rolled down his window. He shouted: "Fuck you!" He sped up and turned the corner, heading east on Royal.

A mother and her young daughter, who you can see after the jump talking to Bush, were standing at the corner, waiting for the light to change. The woman holding the "ARREST BUSH" sign said to the mother and daughter, "Sorry you had to hear that." The girl shrugged and smiled. The mother said, "That's OK, she's heard worse."

Scenes From the Bush Book Signing

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