Schwarzenegger: I'll Be Greenback

Looks like California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did OK during his recent fundraising swing through Texas: He took home some $300,000 in campaign donations, says today's San Francisco Chronicle, including $22,300 from Affiliated Computer Services, the Dallas company with a $10 million financial management contract with the California state controller. And a peek at the guv's campaign financial statements, filed with the California secretary of state's office this week, reveal the other metroplex Friends of Ahnuld: Richard Collins, the chairman and CEO of Today Newspapers ($5,000); Fort Worth-based DynCorp International, LLC ($5,000); Roy W. Bailey, the Dallas-based partner and managing director of Giuliani Partners, LLC ($2,000); Dennis Berman, CEO of Irving-based Trivac ($5,000); Paul Duesing Partners, the "leisure and lifestyle" designers on Fairmount Street ($10,000); Dallas' Jeffrey Rich, CEO of Rich Capital LLC (the very odd amount of $7,795.31); John Eulich of the Belmont Group ($10,000) and Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Institute, who could only wrestle $1,000 out of his wallet.

But the biggest Dallas donor to the Terminator's campaign is Texas Rangers-Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks, who last week gave Schwarzenegger $25,000--or five thou more than Robert McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, kicked in. Rumor has it Hicks is a huge Jingle All the Way fan. --Robert Wilonsky


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