Sean Salisbury Update: Game On!

Say what you will about former ESPN analyst and 105.3 The Fan host Sean Salisbury - and Deadspin says a lot - the guy has followed through on his promise to take on a blogdom giant in an attempt to clear his name and clean his reputation.

According to the Frisco Enterprise, Salisbury - who departed The fan back on Sept. 11 - filed a defamation lawsuit against Gawker Media up in Denton County.

Sean Salisbury, a Frisco resident and former National Football League quarterback, filed a petition for a civil defamation lawsuit in a Denton County court against Gawker Media for publishing several false stories on their sports blog that cost him several jobs, ruined his reputation and made it difficult to find gainful employment.

Salisbury's attorney, Jeffrey Tillotson of the Dallas law firm Lynn, Tillotson, Pinker & Cox, said in the petition that Deadspin has waged a "long-running smear campaign" against his client since January of 2007.

Don't know if the thing will ever get to trial. Don't know if Sean has a chance in hell of winning. But I do respect him for not just making an empty threat, but actually standing up for what he believes is right.


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