Seeing Stars, Seeing Red: The Tom Hicks Tee!

Tom Hicks, this shirt's referring to you.

For those wondering why's it taking so damned long for Tom Hicks to part with the Dallas Stars,

Mike Heika has the answer

: The lenders are in control now (wuh-oh). That, coupled with Chuck Greenberg's landing

a something-point-something billion-dollar teevee deal

, ain't helping. (If you'll recall way back when, during the bankruptcy process, Greenberg made it quite clear: He had no intention of letting the Stars piggyback on whatever contract the Rangers could cook up.) But at least Hicks is out. Ish.

Can't say the same about Liverpool, where Hicks is at least trying to retain (regain?) control of the club before the early October deadline set by the Royal Bank of Scotland. So far, no go. Things have turned decidedly nasty, though real Reds supports turn their attention to more peaceful forms of protest as evidenced in the video that follows. Better still, the anti-Hicks movement -- so far evidenced in billboards, music videos, an ongoing photo project and artwork -- has produced this tee, in black to represents fans' "mourning for the club we follow." As for the "Standards Corrupted" part, that's self-evident, innit. I'm getting one, just because I need something to rotate in when this shirt's in the wash.

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