Should We Call City Hall To Find Out About Those 5,000 Jetpacks on Order? Probably Not.

On Monday, FOX News's Gretchen "Still on MySpace" Carlson -- a former KXAS'er, for those who've forgotten and how could you? -- reported that the Los Angeles Police Department has ordered 10,000 jetpacks, which sounds totally ... what's the opposite of reasonable? Problem is, as Raw Story and Gawker have pointed out, Carlson's source for the story was the Weekly World News . Riiiight . Oh, that Gretchen. Miss her.

But, see, WWN ain't backing down. No, sir. Not at all. And today's follow-up lists more cities taking a giant leap into the future of law enforcement:

The city of Dallas has order 5,000 jetpacks, San Diego has ordered 3,000 and Phoenix has ordered 4,000 that included a special "illegal immigrant" spyscope. "We plan on using these jetpacks to put these illegals behind bars. We're gonna swoop down on them all," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

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