Showdown at 11:10

Punch. Counter-punch. This morning at 11, 103.3-FM ESPN debuts Michael Irvin’s show. Not just coincidentally, KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) is promoting a “major announcement” around 11:10. Don’t get your radio thong in a wad over either event.

Irvin, who has been in court all week fighting a former contractor, will likely take some time to mesh with new sidekick Kevin Kiley. And over at The Ticket, the big news won’t be about former Hardline co-host Greg Williams (a.k.a. He Who Must Not Be Named) or a new voice on The Hardline. More than likely, the revelation will concern a big-name guest headlining the station’s upcoming annual Ticketstock.

Hmmm, let’s see. Who would make a big splash these days? Roger Clemens? Jessica Simpson? Mitt Romney? Britney Spears? Tom Landry? I am predicting with a certain amount of certainty that it won’t be The Hammer, nor The Playmaker. Speaking of which, Williams apparently spent Christmas in Colorado, while his lawyers continue to negotiate a parting settlement with The Ticket. And though “ESPN: Home of Second Chances” has a nice jingle to it, the station still has no interest in adding Williams to a lineup that now includes Irvin. Happy listening! --Richie Whitt

Update: As expected, no surprises. On ESPN, Irvin is his passionate, vociferous, unique self. He brought in show notes on a Burger King bag and claims his “Reality Sports Talk with Michael Irvin will not be a typical show.” As for The Ticket, yep, Nolan Ryan at Ticketstock. Which is boring, unless he gets into the Octagon with Robin Ventura, the fake Nolan Ryan or a pack of snow monkeys.

Update to the Update: Check back with Unfair Park at around 3 today, for Jeff Catlin's official word on the fate of He Who Shall Not Be Named.


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