Signs of the Times: Institute of Justice Continues Fight Against Window Ban

WFAA-Channel 8 trailed along yesterday as the Institute for Justice's Matt Miller went door to door along Jefferson Boulevard asking business owners to put in their windows the sign you see here. Maybe you recall: Back in November, the Institute for Justice sued the city, claiming the 2008 city ordinance that prohibits store owners from covering the top two-thirds of their windows ain't cool. To which the city responded, the ordinance is "valid and will withstand judicial scrutiny."

I like the sign -- looks like a magazine cover from the 1960s. Very George Lois. Available here. Dwaine Caraway, who was more or less the driving force behind the ordinance, is far less amused, saying of the signs, "They're not unexpected for such a drastic policy change many have yet to comply with." The Institute for Justice also has a bright, shiny new protest video -- jump for it.


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