Slip on Yer Rubber Gloves, Kiddies

Big ups to our writer Jesse Hughey, who has graciously compiled this here lovely lineup for this weekend’s Rubber Gloves anniversary blow-out (as promised this week in the paper version of Unfair Park.) Props to ya, Little D. The list is after the jump. --Jonanna Widner

Friday: Civilian Outbreak Medicine Window Handbrake Violent Squid / Oveo Burntsienna Trio History at Our Disposal Blacksmiths Chief Death Rage Stumptone The Baptist Generals

Saturday: RTB2 Swedish Teens Bridges and Blinking Lights Lo-Fi Chorus Shiny Around the Edges Current Leaves Jetscreamer The Undoing of David Wright Lords *Suprise Guest*

For updates, you can always go here.


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