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Somebody Say Omen

Rantings of an idiot: At last, someone is writing about what can only be described as completely narcissistic, despicable and criminal behavior by Davidson ("The Devil and Doyle Davidson," by Glenna Whitley, May 18). I am astounded that so many people would listen to and follow the religious rantings of this idiot!

After reading about the tragedy endured by Dena Schlosser, I desperately wanted someone to prosecute this man (and Ms. Schlosser's husband)! You can't prosecute ignorance or stupidity, but you can prosecute willful negligence and blatant neglect. If Ms. Schlosser had been a child, all that was done to her or witheld from her would have constituted abuse! Considering her mental status, she was an emotional child. The adults whose advice she sought and followed in her misguided state were guilty of neglect and abuse.


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It is pathetic that these situations continue to occur. How many deaths of innocent children at the hands of their mentally ill, emotionally abused, religious fanatic mothers must we read about before someone steps in?

Pamela Bennett


Sick cult leader: I wanted to comment on your in-depth story on Water of Life. I am an ex-member, someone who was forced to attend against my will by my mother as a teenager. I was impressed by the writer's skill in painting the picture of Doyle's past, something that we were never privy to. I only hope that the more exposure this sick cult leader receives, the quicker his "ministry" will crumble! I was so psychologically damaged by his teachings that I am now in therapy because of my experiences. He has harmed so many people, but stories will never be written about their horrific tragedies. It is so sad to realize that it took the ghastly murder of an innocent baby to bring attention to this man.

Brandy Stark


Preying on the weak-minded: After Schlosser was diagnosed with a brain tumor, her actions finally became somewhat explainable and her insanity more believable. Much more so than her Texas predecessors Andrea Yates and Deanna Laney. Mrs. Yates' Haldol-induced psychosis at trial rendered her a vegetable, but recent coaching sessions of fellow inmates on how to plead insanity have not helped her. Clearly Mrs. Laney was insane and was found so yet had never displayed any prior signs of mental illness.

Conversely, it's easy to see that Dena Schlosser's instability started early and progressed steadily as she aged. Eerie how she and Mrs. Yates traveled such similar paths. Both suffered from bouts of mental illness compounded with postpartum depression. Both had many children that they were ill-equipped to handle. Both had low self-esteem and non-supportive and even repressive husbands. Both belonged to radical fundamentalist off-shoot religions that basically deemed women as "evil." The Yateses followed traveling minister Michael Woroniecki, who preached that the role of women is derived from the sin of Eve and that bad mothers who are going to hell create bad children who will go to hell. Sounds a lot like Doyle Davidson's Jezebel mantra to me. Yates was also just as captivated with Woroniecki as Schlosser was with Doyle. Noted also is Deanna Laney's devout religious beliefs; both she and Schlosser believe God instructed them to murder. Yates simply believed her children were "not developing correctly."

It's easy for most of us to see that these self-described "men of God" are nothing more than egotistical bullies with delusions of grandeur. But when you truly prey on the weak-minded, the results can be devastating.

R.J. Mallette


The real Doyle: You did an excellent job of portraying Mr. Davidson for the man he really is. I went to that church for many years, and the spiritual abuse that he puts his congregation through is abhorrent. I witnessed his crude behavior and mean temper toward his FIRST and LEGAL wife, Patti Davidson. To the people still there, I would advise them to leave and to be cautious about any "punch" being served there.

Name withheld


Renters' Blues

Well, move then: Could Jim Schutze please get off the "poor mamas and babies" track for a moment? You know what, when people RENT, they have NO control over the property. It isn't their right to complain, because they are not the owners. My working single mom had to move the two of us when our apartment building was suddenly sold in 1974. We had to move from a heaven of a place in Oak Lawn to godforsaken Northaven and Denton Drive! You know what? We got over it. We ended up moving again. And when Mama got tired of paying rent, she bought a house on Jim Miller Road.

Timbercreek ("Looters," May 18) may be nice now, but it was a crime-ridden eyesore 10 years ago when I lived across from them. It was built for singles and young marrieds, not immigrants with four kids crammed in a two-bedroom apartment. According to Mr. Schutze's stats and inferences of a "family" environment, I guess that means there are about 60 people per acre living there. How is that good for anyone? That whole area needs to be torn down and redone. Yes, of course, have some housing for lower incomes but mix it in with retail and other things. Create a park. Ease the overcrowding of traffic and schools in that area.

I do agree with Jim on how it was handled. It smacks of cronyism and backroom deals. I hate to see the natural area destroyed, and that is a loss. But there are truer tragedies to worry about in Dallas. These people will find other places to live. They have several months, while the people in New Orleans only had a few days.

Diane Birdwell



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