Southwest Airlines: "They Have No Heart!" Or: Danged Kids.

A Friend of Unfair Park sends us this late-afternoon link to a story out of Seattle, about a woman and her unruly brood given the boot from a Southwest Airlines flight from Detroit to the Pacific Northwest. The plane made a pit stop in Phoenix, where Wendy Slaughter says she and her four kids and pregnant sister were met by cops, detained and told, "You ain't going to Seattle, not on Southwest, nuh-unh."

Slaughter admits "the children were a little bit out of control on the flight," but with good reason: It was their first flight -- oh, and one's autistic, while another has cerebral palsy. Money quote from Mom: "They have this symbol of a heart with wings ... they have no heart." Southwest's official response -- the kids were "disruptive and unruly" -- can be read here. --Robert Wilonsky


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