Starck Club Redux, Without All the Coke

Just got this press release about the opening next week of a new club called Metro 5, which occupies the old Starck Club spot on McKinney Avenue in the West End, and three things stick out:

"M5 brings a twist to the nightlife scene with weekly promotional offerings such as College Nights Uncensored (CNU), ongoing concert series featuring live acts and international disc jockeys, and a live reality party showcasing celebrity hosts." In short, every night is spring break. Woo. And hoo.

One of the partners is with something called "Wild on Dallas." I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

And the joint will be 18-and-up. Dallas, meet yer new Deep Ellum.

To read the entire press release, which possesses a refreshing sense of energy bursting through every word, click below. --Robert Wilonsky Former Starck's Nightclub Re-Emerges into High-Energy Hot Spot

Dallas, Texas - March 15, 2006 - Located in the heart of downtown's West End district, Metro 5 opens its doors to the vibrant nightlife scene in Dallas. M5 ventures beyond conventional dance music based nightclubs by offering a party scene bustling with nightly, weekly and monthly promotions to keep avid club-goers speculating as to what they may experience next.

The M5 name captures its five founders' collective efforts to embrace and reach out to the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Nearly 20 years ago, Philippe Starck's original concept and building design attracted worldwide attention from its infamous restroom lounge to the elevated circular platforms showcasing the city's hottest go-go dancers. Thanks to a revitalization of Starck's former hot spot, M5's refurbished decor has generated a re-born charisma. A refreshing sense of energy bursts through the club with spectacular lighting displays amidst intense color backdrops on the various bars located throughout.

M5 brings a twist to the nightlife scene with weekly promotional offerings such as College Nights Uncensored (CNU), ongoing concert series featuring live acts and international disc jockeys, and a live reality party showcasing celebrity hosts.

"We are thrilled to offer Dallas different flavors of entertainment," said Tony Dao and DD Johnson of Integrated Productions. "Our on-going promotions exceed expectations of a typical night out and will keep club-goers curiously aroused."

"It's been a pleasure working with our partners on this project," said Jason Gray, co-founder of Wild on Dallas. "It's very exciting to open our nightclub just down the street from the American Airlines Center and the highly anticipated W Hotel."

Entertainment visionaries created the M5 concept to accommodate the elite with reserved VIP seating while entertaining the masses with drink specials and top-charting hip hop and dance music. M5 presents a lively and interactive ambiance for which the nightly crowd can mix and mingle. Located at 703 McKinney Avenue, Suite 107, M5 welcomes the 18 and older crowd. M5 is open Thursday - Saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and is available for private parties Sunday-Wednesday from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Invited guests will enjoy the Metro 5 exclusive opening on Thursday, March 23 from 7:00 pm--9:00 pm. Details are soon to follow.

About Integrated Productions/Wild on Dallas

Since 2000, both Integrated Productions and Wild on Dallas have executed the management and development of entertainment concepts so unique to the Dallas nightlife. Over the past six years, both companies have established market presence as they continually connect the DFW metroplex and its online community with access to the local entertainment scene. As a result of their production efforts coupled with strategic management capabilities, the two are accredited to some of the city's hottest events. Their portfolio of accomplishments features everything from celebrity-driven shindigs to swanky fashion shows. Both have acquired endorsements with reputable companies such as Budweiser, Hugo Boss, MAC Cosmetics, Betsey Johnson, MTV, Kenneth Cole, Maxim Magazine andHawaiian Tropics. With a growing list of accomplishments, both integrated and Wild on Dallas have successfully created its niche in the local entertainment arena. For more information on upcoming news and events, please visit and

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