State Rep. Yvonne Davis Proposes Bill That Would Bust-Up Dallas School District

Till late last week, the formerly prolific Carla Ranger hadn't posted to her blog for most of 2009. But the Dallas Independent School District board member has returned, and today she points our attention to state Rep. Yvonne Davis's H.B. 3532 introduced late last week, which calls for "the abolition of existing school districts in certain counties" -- including Dallas -- "and the creation of new school districts." Dallas isn't named, but it fits the profile: It's "located in a county with a population of more than two million that is adjacent to a county with a population of more than one million" and "has a student enrollment of more than 150,000."

Davis is proposing the creation of two or more districts -- and her proposed legislation says no election would be required for any of this. And, sure, this will probably go nowhere. But, writes Ranger of the proposed legislation, "The public frustration with the status of urban education in Dallas and elsewhere continues."

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