If -- I said if -- you could read this, it would say Cowboys 41, Eagles 37. Promise.

Stay Classy, Dallas

*Quarterback Tony Romo: "Straight country western. Good thing we were Clint Eastwood tonight. ... We were lucky enough in the end to come out on top. I had two poor plays obviously that you want back. But this game is not without human error."

*The Cowboys outscored Philly 20-7 over the game's final 30:45.

*Roy Williams broke his forearm. But it's not all bad for Williams, as head coach Wade Phillips said it wasn't the safety's fault on DeSean Jackson's 60-yard catch and drop. If that's so, apologies to Roy. And that means Pacman, I'm looking at you.

*Even though Terrell Owens had a 72-yard touchdown, I'd say Donovan McNabb outplayed his nemisis. McNabb completed 25 of 37 for 280 yards and a touchdown, while improvising and shrugging tacklers like he did years ago. Said T.O., "I'm sure everybody across the nation had their popcorn popped, and I gave them something to munch on." T.O., for the record, had only one catch for four yards in the game's last three quarters.

*So who do you celebrate the win with: Wally Lynn, Greg Williams and Joe Avezzano on ESPN Radio, or Norm Hitzges and Donovan Lewis on The Ticket?-- Richie Whitt


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