Steak and Ale's Dead. Long Live Steak and Ale!

Seems like forever ago that Plano-based Metromedia Restaurant Group shuttered Bennigan's and Steak & Ale -- but, nope, it was just July of last year. A few Bennigan's locations resurfaced shortly thereafter, when Richardson-based Bennigan's Franchising Company, LLC assumed the position and reopened 100 eateries, half out of the country. But now comes word that both Bennigan's and Steak and Ale (founded by the late, great Norman Brinker) may yet live on ... in your grocery store, per an agreement with Los Angeles-based Global Icons. And what's on the menu? You guessed it: "Among the signature dishes under consideration are Bennigan's Turkey O' Toole and Monte Cristo sandwiches and the Death by Chocolate dessert; or Steak & Ale's Kensington Club sandwich, the herb-roasted prime rib or Hawaiian chicken."


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